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Value Added Services

As a Total Transportation Solutions Provider, BMT integrates relevant transportation facilities and amenities to our solution packages, which then enable our customers to enjoy a wider range of service benefits, tailored to meet specific needs and enhance overall customer experiences.

Learn more about BMT’s Value Added Services:

  • In House Integrated Facilities
  • Service Quality Assurance
  • Manpower Sourcing Support
  • Solutions Consulting
  • Nationwide Expertise
  • Digital Transformatiom

In House Integrated Facilities

Vehicle Care & Washing

BMT maintains the longevity and appearance of our fleet vehicles through regular washing and maintenance, ensuring they remain in top condition for optimal performance.

Secured Parking Yard

BMT safeguards our fleet vehicles in a monitored and secured parking yard, protecting them from theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access.

Towing & Emergency Response

We provide swift and reliable towing and emergency response services for our fleet vehicles, minimizing downtime and ensuring prompt assistance in case of emergencies.

Service & Repair Workshop

BMT operates an in-house service and repair workshop staffed by skilled mechanics, enabling timely maintenance and repairs to keep our fleet vehicles operating smoothly.

Vehicle Inspection Schedules

BMT implements regular vehicle inspection schedules to proactively identify and address maintenance needs, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and minimizing the risk of breakdowns.

Safety & Health Risks Management

We proactively trace and manage safety and health risks associated with our fleet operations through comprehensive risk assessment, training programs, and preventive measures.

Service Quality Assurance

Driver Drug Tests

JPJ / Police Vetting

Employee Performance Review

Regulatory Audits

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Continuous Improvement Programs

Other Value Added Services

Manpower Sourcing for Skilled Manufacturing Specialists or Factory Operators

In addition to our total transportation solutions, BMT offers comprehensive, no-cost manpower sourcing and vetting to help companies in filling out vacancies for skilled manufacturing specialists or factory operators.

Together with our commitment to providing end-to-end solutions, this value-added service is provided with the agreement that BMT will also operate the transportation logistics for the workers hired through our manpower sourcing activities.

Solutions Consulting

BMT specializes in developing intelligent transportation solutions and service models. We take on transportation challenges across industries, delivering innovative answers to issues that affect clients, communities, consumers, and the government.

Our experts develop transportation solutions that promote sustainable travel and transportation, improve safety, reduce emissions, optimize existing systems, and empower clients with higher spend efficiency.

Nationwide Express

BMT partners with a broad nationwide network of major transportation experts  to engineer new solutions based on the trends and emerging challenges faced by our customers and the transportation industry.

Digital Transformation

BMT embraces the use of advanced digital systems and data analyses in helping us learn and improve continuously. Process transformations through the use of technology are embedded in our daily operations and processes and may change or grow to fit the needs of our clients.

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